EXPLORE program

Encana's EXPLORE program is a comprehensive summer internship program designed to provide a foundation of technical knowledge and experiential training while giving students the opportunity to apply school learnings in a real-world setting.

Interns don't sit in a classroom all day, or spend their summer doing mindless tasks. They are assigned value-added projects intended to provide beneficial learning opportunities while delivering meaningful contributions to Encana.

Because the EXPLORE program is a comprehensive, all-encompassing experience, interns also participate in educational, charitable and social activities, such as industry Lunch & Learns, field trips to rig sites, a community service project and a variety of fun social events.

Top-performing interns are often hired into full-time positions as New Grads, a rotational program that is designed to foster professional growth and development.

If you choose to EXPLORE with Encana…

  • Engage
    Immerse yourself. Fully commit to your internship and become a valuable team member.
  • eXecute
    Deliver expected results. Strive for excellence.
  • Progress
    Grow. Challenge and push yourself to improve your skills and abilities.
  • Learn
    Observe others. Listen and ask questions. Gain knowledge.
  • Offer
    Share your own thoughts and ideas. Provide a fresh new perspective.
  • Retain
    Hold onto what you learn from your experience and apply it to your future endeavors.
  • Evaluate
    Determine if this industry, company and culture is a fit for you.

Explore your future in energy with Encana!

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